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I'd like to say "I'm happy with my current system, I'll never buy a next-gen one and stick with it" but unfortunately I'll have no choice. They'll simply stop making games for it in a year or two and force my hand, or they'll release a game on the next-gen systems that I have to play. I will be able to keep with my current system until Mass Effect 4, the next Elder Scrolls game or the next Final Fantasy come out. Those are really the only series I'm waiting for and I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't until early 2015 that any of them come out.

No backwards compatibility is lame as hell but I'm old enough to remember the console days when I had to keep my NES, SNES and N64 hooked up. The used game thing is pretty ridiculous too. But maybe if a year or two passes there'll be enough backlash that they work those features out of future versions of the console. Another reason to wait a little while to buy one.

And lastly, Xbox One is a very odd name. Did the first two systems never happen? Are they embarrassed by the millions of dollars they brought in? Is Halo something they want to forget? It is a better name than "Xbox 720" a lot of people were joking about. I don't know what they could've gone with instead. Maybe some random word that just sounded cool like "Xbox Cryogen" or "Xbox Velociraptor".
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