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So far the Xbox One gets a big ol' MEH from me. I haven't watched/listened to the whole annoucnement, just the little things that the radio covered, but it doesn't seem interesting to me whatsoever.

I don't care about the TV thing, I still have cable TV, and I don't really care to much for the other stuff that I have heard. I want a VIDEO GAME SYSTEM, not another computer. I hope Microsoft put a lot into making the video games better. Controls, sound, graphics, etc; and didn't just focus on the extra bells and whistles. Guess we will find out at E3....

But as of right now I am perfectly happy with my 360 and don't plan on switching that out for anything anytime soon.

SIDE NOTE: Was it annouced that you cannot buy used games anymore for it, and you need a product key to make them work? I heard it mentioned in a talk show, but wasn't sure if it was just a rumor or actual info.
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