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Originally Posted by moobys37 View Post
"Ides of Gemini had vinyl, maybe a shirt, and friggin cassette tapes ($7) of their new album. Ok so I almost flipped the merch booth when I saw that. I swear these hipsters..."

Because having tapes automatically makes you a hipster.
For a new album, who sells new copies of cassette tapes? Who has a lust for the retro and the 'ironic'? What is the point- who is buying a cassette instead of a Vinyl or CD (or digital) (Ok that one person who replied...)? Why are they buying/offering a cassette? I can't recall the last time I saw a band sell a NEW tape at a show. Since like 2001.

Hell, Maybe *I'm* missing the point.

I have cassettes (my bros, random yard sales, cheap finds), and a cassette deck on my stereo (so hard to find one 8 years ago or whenever I looked for one with CD AND Cassette). So I am not saying cassettes are bad- I have tapes that I rarely listen to. I pick up tapes of old rare albums or something I don't have on DC/digital yet...

It's the whole mentality of 'oh lets bring back these old quaint things' or whatever their whole deal is supposed to be about.
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