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Yesterday I checked out the new Burzum album and was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed it a lot more than the last two albums. For those who are worried that it will be a repeat of Daui Baldrs and Hliskjlf, it's not. Those albums (especially the former) sounded like a terrible N64 game soundtrack. The songs on Sl austan, Mni vestan focus more on building atmosphere. Varg's comparison to early Tangerine Dream is not completely off base either. There are some moments where I can see the influence, although there is a much different feel to the music. I wouldn't call this album anything really innovative, but it is good for what it is. It could use more varied songs and I think adding field recordings to better convey a connection with nature would make it more interesting. I'm sure many people will just criticize it for not being metal, but go into it with an open mind and you might enjoy it.

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I listened to the new Immolation today. It's solid but I expected more after that Providence EP. Indoctrinate is a monster track though.
I gave it a couple listens and I feel the same. It's a good album, but it's definitely a step down from Providence and Majesty & Decay. There are still some killer songs, but overall I think the songwriting isn't quite as strong.
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