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Originally Posted by fonzbear2000 View Post
I have a pretty good feeling that you were lucky enough to get a promo copy of the album, but why are you waiting until June 4th?
The promo was sent to us as a 'thank you' of sorts for all the content we've done on Queensryche since last fall when I covered the LA show. All they asked was that we hold off on writing content on the album until June 4th. My understanding is that they just don't want a general impression of the album going around before people actually have the chance to listen to a lot of songs. That's totally fair in my opinion, and frankly I'm just happy that (almost) everyone who has the promo has been cool about holding their tongues. Come June 4th, expect reviews of the album to magically appear everywhere, mine included.

Normally I'm not one to go all conspiracy theory on everyone, but Queensryche's PR team have eyes and ears literally everywhere. If I was to post my impression of the album here, they'd know and they'd be able to trace it back to us because they're smart dudes.
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