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Originally Posted by Onioner View Post

But seriously though, the title track is fantastic, Nomad is super catchy, Leaving It All Behind is epic and See You On the Other Side is simply amazing. I just hope they can keep this momentum going and come out with another record in 2015. This album is a huge step up from Capricorn, so I expect the next album to be their masterwork if they can keep this up. Hail the bay, bitches!
'Nomad', 'Leaving It All Behind', and 'See You On the Other Side' are my 3 favourites after one listen through the album. Obvious strong points on the album for sure.

I figure that what I'm about to say might be heresy to some die-hard Orchid fans, but I wish they'd give the gloomier sections a rest - they do a decent job with the Sabbath vibes and all, but they're SO much better when they're playing more energetic riffs IMO.
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