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Special Bonus: adamclark52's LEAST Favorite Albums

Mike Patton – Adult Themes for Voice (1996)

I’m not sure when my love affair with Mike Patton and anything he touched started. I think it may have been in 1999 when I went full-on retard for Mr. Bungle. But I know when it ended. When I heard this album. It was some time in the early-2000’s. I was already underwhelmed by Tomahawks debut but still salivated whenever I heard Mike Patton was putting his voice on anything. I was like so many others who worshipped the ground he walked on and would pay money even for an album that was forty minutes of him farting into a microphone. This album is the closest you can get to that. I’ve never listened to the whole thing so there may well be a song that’s him farting into the mic. Most of what I made it through was just yelling and random vocal noises. No instruments, no beats, no structure. Like grindcore but without the good. I guess if you were into the most abstract avant-guard music out there and liked shooting heroin you may enjoy this. But I don’t do either of those things. It was after this I started looking at his music differently. I realized that everything he touched was not gold (see Fantomas ‘Suspended Animation’, the Peeping Tom album, the EP with the Dillinger Escape Plan). I think it’s all a joke though by Mike. He knows people would pay for an album of him farting in a microphone so he put one out to test if the theory was correct. And I paid thirty dollars for it. That fucking troll.
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