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I can’t really go by album with the Misfits since they only released two full lengths with Glenn Danzig, four if you count the two unreleased albums. By basing my write up on those four albums I would leave a lot of really good material out. So let me just say that I love the Misfits (with Glen Danzig on vocals) as a whole. Really, there aren’t too many songs that I didn’t like. None really. I was already a Danzig (solo artist) fan when I joined my first band in late 1997. I’d heard of the Misfits but never heard any of their music until then. To say I loved the Misfits from the get go would be an understatement. I couldn’t believe that punk music (I never have been a fan of much punk) could be so catchy, dark and awesome. We used to cover She, We Are 138, Halloween, Attitude and if I could’ve I’d have scrapped all the originals and just played Misfits covers. They were simple and fun to play and everyone loved them. We even somehow got the chance to open for the Misfits in St. Cathrines, Ontario at a club show for the American Psycho tour but my mom wouldn’t let me go so we had to drop off. Honestly, Misfits are probably in my top ten bands of all-time. To even pick five favorites is impossible because the sixth song I’ll listen to will be one I love as well. If there's anything wrong with them it's that the recording quality of well, everything is pretty spotty. But most of it was recorded in basements in the late 1970's so it's forgivable. American Psycho was a great album too, even without Glen.
Five Favorite Songs: Hollywood Babylon (terrible version but I can't find a studio one), Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?, Some Kinda Hate, Halloween II, Cough/Cool
Favorite Song (American Psycho): Shining
Here's a bonus of Entombed covering Hollywood Babylon, because it's one of the best covers I've ever heard. The fact that they added the beeping from Die, Die My Darling is just brilliant.
07/10 - Incantation
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