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Type O Negative

the Origin of the Feces (1992)

Bloody Kisses (1993)
(original cover, digipack cover)

Type O Negative has always been one of my favorite bands. The thing is they took so long between albums that I’d forget about them. Then they’d finally come back with something new and remind me why I loved them. But, my love for them started with these two albums. I first heard them on that Black Sabbath tribute album a few pages ago and ran out and bought Bloody Kisses. At first I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t a song that was similar to their cover of Black Sabbath (except the bonus track Suspended in Dusk). But over time (like an hour) I grew to love the album more and more. They were able to be so crushingly heavy at times and then so melodic and beautiful at others. And they were able to be both at the same time (see the first four minutes of Christian Woman). I first had the digipack version on the album and bought the standard edition a few months later. I still prefer the digipack version; the running order makes more sense to me. Between the two versions they still hold the record for spending the longest amount of time in my five-disc CD changer; eleven months. The only reason Bloody Kisses left my CD changer was that October Rust came out and that album took it's place. I got the Origin of the Feces shortly after Bloody Kisses and was a little put off by the fact that it was a little less gothic sounding. But again, over time I grew to love it. And the story behind the albums recording makes me love it even more. That’s just genius. A lot of my idols have fallen in the last few years but Peter Steele is the one that really hits me the hardest. I still can't believe he's gone.
Favorite Song (Origin of the Feces): Are You Afraid?
Favorite Song (Bloody Kisses): Blood & Fire
12/16 -- Dillinger Escape Plan
12/29 -- Municipal Waste(?)
12/30 -- Clutch

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