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I saw him 9 times, all solo.. they were all really amazing in their own way... one thing I can say that is the most amazing thing for me he ever did, was stealing a show from the mighty Iron Maiden.

it was on the Metal Mania tour (The Virtual 11 tour) , in the summer of 1998,bill was supossed to be Dirty Deeds (a Steve Harris promoted band), W.A.S.P. , Dio and Maiden, pretty good line-up uhh ... but Blackie never showed up, they pretended a border problem or something... what a jackass ... anyway, that night was all Dio ... I was there for Maiden of course but man did he outstaged them,... he and the band was amazing... He came on and it was pourring rain (it was an outside show at a tennis stadium) then after a few amazing songs the intro to Children Of The Sea started and I swear to god there was a ray of sunshine that perce the sky and went right at him, shivers down the spine moment, it was magic...he was signing it so pÍrfectly ...

anyway, that was such an amazing show... and then Maiden came on with Blaze and after the blistering opening song (Futureal) wow that was promising... then ,, yeah ... there we were, 10 minutes of ''Don't You Think I Can Save Your ...'' ...

yeah Dio was great that night

didn't catch a H&H show

but my favourite Dio show has to be the Sacred Heart tour in '85 at the old Montreal Forum. In the league of the Maiden, Priest and Sabbath at the time as far as production goes, giant Crystal Ball, the big castle and the Dragon, giant spider ... the lazers ... ect ... plus all those awesomes songs... wow that was an awesome show, still my favourite Dio gig I ever saw

setlist was short but stellar
  1. Like the Beat of a Heart
    2. Don't Talk to Strangers
    3. Hungry for Heaven
    4. The Last in Line
    5. Holy Diver
    6. Heaven and Hell
    7. Sacred Heart
    8. Rock 'n' Roll Children
    9. Long Live Rock 'n' Roll
    10. Man on the Silver Mountain
    11. Stand Up and Shout


    12. Rainbow in the Dark
    13. We Rock

R.I.P. Ronnie, I miss you
Cheers !
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