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1. Master Of Moon Tour... I can still see images of Dio in my head from his Anaheim show ... I still listen to the cd a lot ... very good memories... Anthax on the other hand... the memories that stuck with me later.. the mighty Anthrax with very little stage to work with (as the 2nd opener on the bill.. Fireball Ministry, being the first ) .. plus I remember the silly pentagram shirts they were wearing (posing with) .. like Anthrax is evil at all.

2. Heaven & Hell w/ Judas of my unwritten shows probably ... I remember H&H being the highlight of my night, way more than the Judas Priest set. I was somewhere down front down at Shoreline Amphitheater .. center section (102) in like the 3rd or 4th row ... watching Geezer for a hour that close was like a master bass class ... plus it 4 or 5 years since the Master Of The Moon .. so I was definitely missing Dio at that point. Same reaction as others.. how the hell could this little smiling guy do what he did? Totally miss Dio.
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