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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
I can't believe how people can get into these massive essays on albums they love. I write a write-up on an album and it usually consists of "I like this album, the guitars are good, this is the best song". And you have to imagine Cletus from the Simpsons reading it to you.

I'm glad you guys are so passionate.
It's funny you say that. When I first started writing, my reviews were so long and in-depth that they'd be a chore to read. I think the first review I ever wrote was a retrospective article on Tales from the Twilight World by Blind Guardian and it ended up being like 9 pages long haha. If anything, I feel like it takes genuine skill to accurately review an album in a concise manner. It's something that I certainly haven't nailed yet anyway.

And JRA, I apologize if my post was a bit on the mean spirited side, that's what happens when I go on metal forums at 2 AM haha. All three of us- you, me and El Gordo have obviously dissected this shit from a musical and historic perspective to death and we've reached three different conclusions, let's just be happy with that and wait to see what El Gordo has to say next!

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