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Originally Posted by Wrecking Crew View Post
They don't get any more intimate than a bar in Pocatello, Idaho where I saw Dio back in '94 on the Strange Highways tour. I was glad someone was actually coming to that small nowhere town that I lived in then, which had been ignored by everyone (and still is to this day) since the '80s. Great show, I wish I hadn't got quite so hammered at it though. I recall he opened with Jesus, Mary and the Holy Ghost and hit all the classics.
Damn, that's awesome. I actually really like Strange Highways. That was an interesting era for Dio. Sounds like an awesome experience.

Anyways, as for the Judas Priest/H&H thing, I didn't see the Metal Masters tour, but I will say the H&H 2007 set list was better, in my opinion. Dropping "Computer God" and "After All" for "Time Machine" is not a great move...
2/24 - The Foundry

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