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Originally Posted by larvtard View Post
My friend was playing the 13th Floor Elevators for me earlier and I thought of this thread... alas, wrong band But this is really cool; I added the full album to spotify. thanks man.

also, I've listened to Sonic Youth's entire discography, basically, and now I consider them one of my favorite bands You're right, goo, evol, sister, and daydream nation are clearly the best. But I also really dig the early noise stuff like Confusion is sex and Bad moon rising. Their later stuff is hit or miss... sonic nurse and a thousand leaves are pretty good. I also love washing machine.
You've probably heard more Sonic Youth then me now. I've heard from EVOL thru Washing Machine plus a few songs from before and after. And the 'Silver Sessions for Jason Knuth', which is something for only the hardest of the hardcores.

Thousand Leaves will be the next one I get when the urge hits me. I'm going chronological from hear on, then I'll get the really old stuff later.

And that's Elevators main guy Rick White on the cover of that album. He's the stonedest of the the stoned.
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