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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Elevator to Hell– Parts 1-3 (1996)

I doubt anyone here has heard of this band. First off, they aren’t metal at all. More lo-fi, pop/rock with a lot of psychadelia later on. Secondly, they were from Moncton, New Brunswick. I doubt most people here have even heard of that place. See the cover, that's pretty much Moncton right there. From September to May. Third, they never got any press despite releasing a lot of music on Sub Pop Records (a fairly large indie label). It wasn’t so much a band at this point as one guy with a four track named Rick White. This was a collection of his/their earliest three EPs on one CD and has some great, catchy, worry-free music. The first eight songs make up Part 1; it’s more lo-fi, dreamy acoustic pop/rock. The next nine songs are Part 2 and it’s a bit more experimental, with a lot of drum machine and casio keyboard. The last ten songs are Part 3 and it’s more rock with a bit better production. All good, all retain this dreamy atmosphere, but Part 2 is a little weak. The problem I have with a lot of the songs is they all follow the same formula of verse-chorus-verse-chorus-solo-end in total chaos. They could never end a song. And it gets to sound pretty similar after twenty seven songs and over an hour. Hearing the three EPs separate and different time would probably be better.
Favorite Song (Part 1): Rather Be
Favorite Song (Part 2): Elevator to Hell
Favorite Song (Part 3): Analysis 1313
My friend was playing the 13th Floor Elevators for me earlier and I thought of this thread... alas, wrong band But this is really cool; I added the full album to spotify. thanks man.

also, I've listened to Sonic Youth's entire discography, basically, and now I consider them one of my favorite bands You're right, goo, evol, sister, and daydream nation are clearly the best. But I also really dig the early noise stuff like Confusion is sex and Bad moon rising. Their later stuff is hit or miss... sonic nurse and a thousand leaves are pretty good. I also love washing machine.

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