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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Dawn of Ashes – Genocide Chapters (2010)

Despite the ridiculous getup I really enjoyed this band. I saw them curtain jerking on that tour with Dimmu Borgir in late-2010, saw the people laughing at the make-up, and I felt a little bad for them. I actually found their make-up and costumes pretty cool and the movements of the band (especially the keyboard player) pretty cool. And I thought their music was really awesome. I ended up buying the album a few months later and was really impressed. There’s not much substance and they’re not really trying to impress anyone too much but they wrote a really catchy black metal (lite) album. The music was put together really well and I found the vocals to be really good. And as I keep alluding to: tr00 kvlt black metal is cool but sometimes I want something really catchy. That's where an album like this comes in. If it weren’t for the make-up I think this band could’ve made more of a mark. Unfortunately they gave up after one album and went back to being an EBM band, something I just can’t get into.
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