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Originally Posted by slapguitarer View Post
I'm interested. I'll probably go if it isn't retard expensive.
This to the max. Me and my sister were planning on going but it's too much. If by some miracle(which i doubt) they still have $70 tix near the date of the event i'll try to go. Like REAL fans of this can't go to this,but the coachella losers will. Not one person living in Compton will get to see the Eazy-E ghost.

Speaking of which. Wu-Tang with a ODB hologram would be amazing. I WANNA SEE THAT. But If the fake Eazy-E is just there by himself,that wont be cool unless the rest of NWA shows up.

Plus I've never been to a concert with my sister and it'd be cool sibling bonding time singing Jurassic 5.
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