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Special Post: adamclark52's LEAST Favorite Albums

Old Lady Drivers (1988)

I first heard Old Lady Drivers in early 1999 when I got that Earache Black Sabbath tribute album I went into a few pages ago. I had zero money and there wasnít much streaming available on the internet those days so all I could get about the band was a little bit on a few Geocities fan pages. I got their later albums but couldnít find this one, not even samples. All I found was one fanpage that had the cover and the lyrics. So I read them with my college buddies and we thought it was fucking hilarious. But I couldnít hear the music. Over the years I scoured every record store I went into hoping to find a copy of this album but never anything. And for years there was still very little information on the internet about it. I even contacted Earache records once asking if there were any plans to rerelease it but I never got an answer. Once eBay got big in the early part of the millennium I was able to find copies of it but only on vinyl. Thatís when I realized that it was never pressed on CD. So I had to just keep hoping. Finally, in the last year someone posted most of the songs on youTube and it became available on iTunes. So I could finally hear this album Iíd been looking for for almost fifteen yearsÖand it was fucking garbage. Maybe, if Iíd heard it in 1999 when I was just coming into being a metalhead I wouldíve found it entertaining. But now itís just noise. And not good noise, itís just fucking crap. I listened to the first few songs and by time I got to the third song Supermarket Monstrosity and itís cartoon pitch-shifted vocals I knew that Iíd been wasting all my time. The rest made Napalm Deaths Scum sound like something recorded by angels (I like Scum, but the quality is crap). I canít believe I spent fifteen years wanting to hear this crap.
Worst Song: Supermarket Monstrosity
12/16 -- Dillinger Escape Plan
12/29 -- Municipal Waste(?)
12/30 -- Clutch
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