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Originally Posted by Maideneer View Post
This is the coolest venue in the world (besides the 24oz $13 beer ahem). No seat is more than 60 feet from the stage and it's all in the round with a constantly rotating stage. Totally unique. I love ZZ Top and this set is just awesome. Looks like one song was switched from last week's set.

Precious And Grace
Heartache In Blue
Waitin' For The Bus
Jesus Just Left Chicago
Flyin' High
Heard It On The X
I Gotsta Get Paid
Gimme All Your Lovin'
Blue Jean Blues
My Head's In Mississippi
Nasty Dogs & Funky Kings
Certified Blues
Sharp Dressed Man
Tube Snake Boogie
La Grange/Sloppy Drunk/Bar-B-Q
Blue Jean Blues in place of A Fool For Your Stockings, and they dropped the Elvis cover. Still, generally speaking, the best overall ZZ set in years.
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