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Originally Posted by marker View Post
I bought a ticket, I'll start with the positive things. Motorhead played, and I thought they sounded really good. The negatives, too short of a set as you guys know. Also, we couldn't even see Mikkey Dee at all from where we were sitting, nothing about obstructed view when we bought the tickets. Our seats were all the way on the side.We could see his bass drum barely and that's it. I like Club Nokia, but when I saw that the show started at 8:30, and there was 2 opening acts, I kinda thought we would get screwed with a short set and we did. So a really short set, and couldn't even see the drummer all night.
It was basically the same set they were playing last December. I think they probably all gathered in LA in the last day or two and never took the time to put together a decent set. They could have played a lot later if they wanted to.
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