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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim OST (2012)

An awesome game (albeit flawed if youíre a PS3 owner like myself) deserved an awesome soundtrack. The music in this game took you to the world of Skyrim and turned you into that character. I hear Under an Ancient Sun and I feel myself in a cold, icy, frozen over lake. And itís dark. When I hear Dawn Iím waking up in a forest, itís blurry and I have no idea where I am. Imperial Throne; we've lost, it's over, just give up. Or when I hear Kyne's Peace itís just me and my son, everyoneís gone, heís asleep, weíre alone, and I have no idea how I can get him through another day. Great music does that to you.
Favorite Song: Under an Ancient Sun
This is an incredible game soundtrack and definitely one of the best (along with The Hobbit game soundtrack).Skyrim is my favorite game of all-time, and I am PS3 owner also
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