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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Dawn of Ashes – Genocide Chapters (2010)

Despite the ridiculous getup I really enjoyed this band. I saw them curtain jerking on that tour with Dimmu Borgir in late-2010, saw the people laughing at the make-up, and I felt a little bad for them. I actually found their make-up and costumes pretty cool and the movements of the band (especially the keyboard player) pretty cool. And I thought their music was really awesome. I ended up buying the album a few months later and was really impressed. There’s not much substance and they’re not really trying to impress anyone too much but they wrote a really catchy black metal (lite) album. The music was put together really well and I found the vocals to be really good. And as I keep alluding to: tr00 kvlt black metal is cool but sometimes I want something really catchy. That's where an album like this comes in. If it weren’t for the make-up I think this band could’ve made more of a mark. Unfortunately they gave up after one album and went back to being an EBM band, something I just can’t get into.
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I never really got into this album (aside from the track you posted), but the album they put out before this, The Crypt Injection, is one of my favorite albums of all time. I fucking love their old aggrotech shit. Their new album was pretty okay as well. I always saw their music as being club music + horror movie soundtrack + black metal vocals.
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