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Burning Star - Helstar

1.Burning Star
2.Towards The Unknown
3.Witch's Eye
4.Run With The Pack
5.Leather And Lust
7.Shadows Of Iga
8.Dracula's Castle

Released In 1984

Helstar, another great early US power metal band.This album is among the likes of Ample Destruction and Europe's self-titled because they all share one thing in common; they're all vastly underlooked.Now, this is definitely not Helstar's best album, and it definitely lends more to Judas Priest than to power metal, but it is definitely a solid album.The production is very good, as by this time most records in the music business were, and all the instruments are very audible (the bass in particular is quite loud, and it's a highlight of the album).All in all this album is good early power metal, but it is to short IMO and sounds to much like Judas Priest for me to give it a really high rank.Opener "Burning Star" stands out above the rest album by far.

"Burning Star"

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