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Originally Posted by Maideneer View Post
If I remember right, this place was borne out of the frustration (in part) that Maiden was set to charge for their boards. Hell, I remember the day and very second when they shut the free boards down, I was wondering who the last post would come from. They told everyone to save their PM's and say their goodbye's.

I haven't been back since, no way I'm paying for that 'privilege'.
It was more about a concern about losing thread / data / reviews as the IMBB transitioned at various times. Going deep into this archives to check on an ancient thread, I found: "The Offical IMBB Decompression & IMOC Discussion Thread". Date: March of 2006, a bit less than two years after metalsetlists started. Me, I was a member of the IMOC / IMFC for at least a couple years after that.
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