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10 years with you knuckleheads

I have no idea why I remember the date, but I do. I joined the IMBB (Iron Maiden Bulletin Board) on May 13th, 2003, where I spent countless hours posting about Maiden and metal and all sorts of bullshit with a bunch of you here. When HTE left to create this site, I didn't join right away, but after a few months I signed up since quite a few of the other big names from there moved here.

Anywho, I know I don't really know many of the current posters on this board, but to those who I do know, and have known since the IMBB, just wanted to say it's been fun! I've made a lot of good friends on the boards over the years. Strange to think some of you have "known" me since I was 15; I've "known" Brad since he was 13! Hahaha

That's all, folks!
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