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Originally Posted by jaysadler2 View Post
Hey, i'm going to bloodstock open air festival this year and really excited as first time (have always been going to download among others but cant make it this year). Got a good line up with quite a few bands who I havent seen before but know they're good.

Can any one recommend album(s) from these bands? Preferably with songs that they are likely to play live:

Death Angel
Devil Driver
Accept will play a lot from the two newest albums, plus a few classics. Same with Firewind and Death Angel.

Really, you're best off going to, see what they've been playing recently, and get an album or two with most of those songs on.

For instance, getting Balls To The Wall by Accept, in your situation, is pointless. Yes it's one of their best albums, but they only ever play the title track from it. You'd be much better off getting Stalingrad.

I'd also say getting The Ultra Violence by Death Angel isn't particularly telling either. They will play a few from it, but they don't sound anything like this anymore. Get the Sonic German Beatdown live album and Relentless Retribution. That'll cover most of what they'll play old and new. Similarly for Exodus, they sound nothing like they used to on Bonded By Blood, so you're better off getting the Shovel Headed Tour Machine live album. Maybe something new too, but not essential.

Avantasia is easy, got to and get the new one for cheap. Accept, Death Angel, and Exodus albums are cheap their too.

1/12 Judas Priest
3/12 Deep Purple
5/12 Dan Patlansky
11/12 Dead Daisies

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