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Morsure - Acceleration Process - 1985

It's pretty apparent when listening to Morsure's (French for "bite-wound") lone full-length that these Frenchmen like to play fast! The album is one big blur of crackling guitars, pounding drums and horribly-constructed lyrics. For 1985, there wasn't much that was this fucking FAST. Unfortunately for Morsure, fast does not a good album make. The production is pretty awful -- the drums are too loud, the guitars are thin, the vocals are buried (which may actually not be a negative), and there is not enough variation in the songwriting. I can probably count on one hand the amount of times that the band isn't blazing at full speed, and most of the time it's a little bass or guitar interlude. There does however seem to be some interesting things going on when you cut through all the racket, and there's some potential for some pretty cool stuff. Unfortunately we'll never find out.

Standouts: XX World, Vreder Strack

Score: 3/10
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