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Anthrax - Spreading the Disease - October 30, 1985

From the extremely violent (Seven Churches) to the extremely catchy (this!)... Spreading the Disease is where Anthrax really hits their stride. Definitely not as aggressive or abrasive as the other members of the "Big Four", Anthrax plays a style that is still very close to speed metal or NWOBHM in places that relies on big choruses to pull the listener in. Witness tracks like "Lone Justice" (Justice, law and order) and "The Enemy" (He is but a solitary man) where Belladonna's soaring vocals guide you over some pretty great riffs. This album also features a lot of gang vocals, which is something Anthrax would utilize frequently throughout their classic output. In fact, looking at the track list, almost every song features some shouts from Scott Ian and company. All in all, this just might be the best Anthrax would ever sound, I haven't quite decided yet.

Standouts: Lone Justice, Madhouse, Aftershock

Score: 9/10
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