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L.A. Guns -- West Springfield, VA -- May 9th, 2013

Fulllll review

Went to see L.A. Guns ($17) at the former Jaxx. There were 2 openers. I missed the first one, but the second one was...not good.

There were a lot of...odd things...about the show (see review), but the one that stands out most was that my buddy was adamant that the guitar player was screwing up the solos on nearly if not every song. I did notice some... flubbing around on a couple songs, but I am not a big enough L.A. Guns fan to be that precise. So I can only go by his superfanness. I saw other reports and live footage of him playing the solos waaay better, so I dunno if it was an off night for him or what.

BUT overall it was a decent show. Not a great one, but decent.

(based on recent shows, the unknown songs are probably accurate)

L.A. Guns (10:18- 11:28):
  • Sex Action
  • Never Enough
  • I Wanna Be Your Man
  • Over The Edge
  • ? (probably You Better Not Love Me)
  • Sweet Mystery
  • ? (probably Gypsy Soul)
  • Kiss My Love Goodbye
  • Vampire
  • Drum Solo
  • Electric Gypsy
  • The Ballad Of Jayne
  • Rip and Tear
  • Show No Mercy
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