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Originally Posted by Blacktooth85 View Post
Exactly, because they're Slipknot. You can get any guy off the street and dress him up in a clown outfit, put him on stage with a bass and nobody would no the difference... And you're comparing some guy in Slipknot to one of the greatest song writers in all of metal?
This is probably the wrong thread to say this in and the wrong time to say it, but since i'm a huge fan of Slipknot and Paul Gray wrote the majority of their songs, and I like 4-5 Slayer songs and think the rest of their catalogue is mediocre/boring, I'd like to say i'm comparing a great songwriter in Slipknot to a guy who wrote a few good riffs for 4-5 songs and then repeated those riffs for the other songs they wrote.

The point is you have to take your opinion of a band's music out of it when comparing the two situations and look at them objectively. Both bands had integral members pass away who both appeared to write the majority of the music for those bands. Both bands have decided to continue to play on. And people get up in arms about one and not the other.
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