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I used to "truck" people in Madden fooball, years before they created a truck stick and I would sing "TANK! I'M A TANK... I'M A TANK!" as I did it. I will always associate that song with Madden Tourmanents and those great times... that I was probably lucky to live through. hahaha

That cd is great and that dude Stanley wasn't just putting on an act. Dude was crazy and smelled like a homeless person living in a dumpster when I met him at Hammerjacks. I know that was his sthick but dude was wretched.

I hold out hope that M3 is the type of festival that could bring them out for a reunion show. Not a lot of people know but Warren Dimartini played with them live for a while and I heard John 5 did also.

They were kinda popular around here so I hold out hope...
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