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Originally Posted by Cross Face Chicken Wing View Post
Oh fer chrissakes.

Why should Slayer quit? Because one of its members died they're supposed to hang it up and sit at home and pout? Because they should preserve some legacy that exists only in the minds of a few fans who think way too deeply about shit like legacies?


There are still a lot of people that want to go to Slayer shows and there is a lot of money left for Slayer to make (or for Tom and Kerry to make and hide from Dave or whoever they have drumming for them). Kerry has said on multiple occasions that the amount of money they get offered for package tours these days is obscene. Good for them. They deserve it because Slayer is fucking awesome.

Gee, what should they do? Turn all that cash down so they can retire and sit at home? Or start some side project that nobody will give a shit about? No, they should keep playing if they want to keep playing and are able to keep playing.

Getting paid a lot of money to play Slayer songs is a helluva lot better than getting paid nothing to retire Slayer. I guarantee everyone of us on this board would choose to get paid a lot of money to play Slayer songs over retiring Slayer and getting nothing if presented with that choice.
This. All of it.

I seem to recall the Who going on tour a few days after Entwistle died . Didn't seem to hurt their legacy.
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