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Alright guys, this is might be my last interview for the forseeable future. This was with Eric Dow, the lead singer of an LA pagan metal band, Helsott. They opened up the Paganfest tour this year. The interview was delayed many times over the last month due to his sicknesses, but when we finally got to talk he was in good spirits. Anyway, Helsott was a cool band to see, and Eric seems to really know what he's doing, so I can imagine these guys becoming a regular touring act in no time.

Anyway, so Andrew Metalhead has returned and is wasting no time in tearing shit up around these parts, so my services aren't too necessary anymore. We both agreed that he deserves to take the vast majority of the interviews and gig writeups for a solid while, so my stuff for Metal Assault will probably be limited to album reviews, a phone interview here and there and providing coverage for the Bay Area metal scenes when I can. Not to mention, school is ramping up to new levels of insanity, and my career as an engineer is slowly beginning, so I'm getting less and less time to do this stuff. I hope you all enjoyed the content, and hopefully I'll be able to do something cool sooner rather than later.
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