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Possessed - Seven Churches - October 16, 1985

While it's true that Possessed's first LP was the first death metal LP, it's also true that it's a great thrash metal LP. In the early days, death metal was just extremely brutal thrash metal. We've already heard the same kind of aggressive riffing from the likes of Slayer and Metallica, and the shredded vocals aren't all that different from what Sodom or Kreator were doing at the time, but nobody had put it all together quite like Possessed did here. Seven Churches really sets a new standard for violent music that thousands upon thousands would start to immitate. Sure, a lot of the songs could be catchier, and because of the sheer speed throughout most of the album it sounds sloppy sometimes, but this is thrash metal of the highest order, and such a solid album too, with very few weak spots.

Standouts: Death Metal, The Exorcist, Fallen Angel

Score: 9/10
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