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Originally Posted by AnthG View Post
It really isn't all that apples to oranges, since Paul Gray (along with Joey Jordison) wrote the majority of the riffs and songs for Slipknot if i'm not mistaken, especially early on.

As far as KK Downing, comparing a departure to a death IS apples to oranges.
In this sense not really. Priest knew months beforehand that KK was leaving, it just sounded sudden to us because they just issued a press release one day.

Same with Slayer, the whole band knew Jeff was sick and probably irreparably so. That's why I think Kerry was so la-dee-da at the Golden Gods thing sounding like Jeff had his citizenship stripped rather than he just died.

Each band knew the guitarist was moving aside. So the question is, at what point does a band stop becoming a band and start becoming a haven for hired replacements.

If Tom and Kerry left too and only Jon Dette was left, would it still be Slayer? Just wondering how this is gauged. But that's what I mean about apples and oranges. I'm not looking at it as "Guitarist I" leaves, I mean each band has it's own personalities and individuals.
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