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Originally Posted by Maideneer View Post
In all seriousness besides my silly pics, wasn't there news of RVD returning? I think he's done with TNA, but I don't watch it so I don't know.

Others I can think of off the top of my head for WWE return contention:
Tommy Dreamer

X-Pac (according to Wiki, Waltman announced via his Twitter account that he had been sent a WWE contract, as part of the 'Legends Program')

What's Val Venis up to these days?

Finlay is back sort of, where the hell is he? I feel like a lot of people like him are waiting in the wings hanging back, we just don't realize it, and the writers don't even know what they have.

And the dream of dreams - why Keibler doesn't return as Fandango's permanent valet I don't know. What else is she doing besides going to Ravens games and getting bit parts on sitcoms?
Please say you're joking.

RVD was rumored but the fact that he will never stop smoking pot nonstop will make it where WWE won't take him.

Tommy Dreamer works backstage for WWE in the talent or writing department I believe.

X-Pac does have a legends contract in talks but no one is asking for him back because he wouldn't have a huge draw by himself.

Fucking no one wants Finley or Venus back.

And why would Keibler come back as the shitty side part to a shitty wrestler who might not stay around long when she date one of the richest actors and do whatever she wants.
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