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Originally Posted by Sinister_Chalupa666 View Post
Seriously though. What does Cesaro have to do to get a push? He would be an amazing intercontinental champion.
Um, didn't he just have a push with the US title? The guy is on TV every week, it's not like he's straving for TV time at all. Yeah, the WWE fucked up by giving him that stupid yoddeling gimmick and jobbing him out recently but with the thin midcard they have there wasn't really much for him to do after he reached the six month mark holding the title. The reason he wasn't at mania and has been jobbing out recently is because he's beaten all the midcard guys so there's just been nothing for him to do lately.

Hopefully, he's elevated up to the world heavyweight title scene. The guy can cut a decent enough, believable promo and has the in ring skill the give some credibility to the title. If someone as uninteresting as Ziggler can hold the big gold belt there's no reason why Cesaro, who's a billion times more talented than him can't have a run with it within the next year.
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