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Rising Force - Yngwie Malmsteen

1.Black Star
2.Far Beyond The Sun
3.Now Your Ships Are Burned
4.Evil Eye
5.Icarus' Dream Suite Op. 4
6.As Above Below
7.Little Savage

Released In 1984

In 1984 a certain insane guitarist released his debut album, and that guitarist was Yngwie Malmsteen.The title of this album seemed to be an appropriate one because at the time he was indeed a "Rising Force", as far as guitar players go anyway.Now some of you might be saying "Yngwie isn't power metal, he is Neo-Classical metal!". Well I would like you to try to find a Neo-Classical artist that doesn't have power metal elements in them, since Neo-Classical metal is basically just a branch of power metal, and it's hard to find power metal bands (besides American ones) that don't have classical elements in them anyway.Yngwie gets a good start to his solo career with album, with incredible, effortless guitar playing, as well as a tight drum player (Barriemore Barlow) and a phenomenal keyboard player (Jens Johansson).This album for the most part is instrumental, except on the songs "Now Your Ships Have Burned" and "As Above, So Below", which feature the great Jeff Scot Scoto on vocals.He is good but definitely not as developed as he had gotten on future releases with other artist.Yngwie's guitar tone is not as good on here as it is on his other records though, but I just can't really tell why. Best song on here (and one of his most known) is definitely the blazing "Far Beyond The Sun".

"Far Beyond The Sun"

Rating: 8/10
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