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Originally Posted by toolfansat View Post
When 90% of the artists are complaining about the weather, there might be a problem!

BTW - does that park ever recover from this weekend? I can't even picture it as a green, grassy area!
it will be all nice and green in two weeks for the bbq festival located in the same place (only to be destroyed again) and then it will be all green again the next week for the sunset symphony to close out memphis in may.

the only band i have ever heard actually "complain" was Cake, but they complain about everything every time i have had the unfortunate pleasure of witnessing them. Most artists have been there more than once and know what they are signing up for and continue to request to be placed on the list for consideration. Yngwie didn't complain and his pompous ass would have been the one to complain the most. However, it has never been remotely this cold before. A typical cold day in may is in the 50's, not the 30's. i know friday was record low temps by several degrees. most bands mention the weather or use it for rapport in their shows, but really wouldn't say they are complaining. Hell last year, Les Claypool was loving the light show. The year before that Godsmack had all sorts of problems, but said it was one of the most rewarding shows he had ever performed due to circumstances.
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