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i am from memphis and still live in the area and have been attending this event for a decade before it was moved to the river in 92 or 93. it nearly always rains but is usually much warmer. it was 38 degrees when AIC hit the stage. this thing is always this diverse. also, if you pay attention (on fb) you can get a three day pass on the friday after thanksgiving for $65. It's a no brainer since i live here.

I saw Jimbo Mathus, Yngwie, Deftones, AIC on friday, Mule and ZZ Top saturday and Kenny Brown, Papa Roach, Kenny Brown again, and Davy Knowles on sunday. this link has all the lineups since 2000: http://www.thebealestreetmusicfestiv...ivallineup.htm

by the way, the mud this year was not that bad compared to a few previous years. 2000 was by far the muddiest year on record.
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