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News about last night's RAW rating:

"Last night's episode of Raw hit a 2.9 rating with 3.91 million viewers. Those numbers were down 6% and 9%, respectively, from a 3.07 and 4.29 million viewers last week; it made for the lowest viewership of 2013 and the first show of the year below four million viewers. The show did hours of 3.96 million, 3.87 million and 3.91 million viewers.

The show ranked #2 among overall viewers and in the key male demographics, behing the NBA Playoffs on TNT"

The NBA playoffs have been awesome so far and that is no doubt a big reason why RAW was so low. But not having Punk or any other star power outside of Cena, who everyone is sick of, is not helping the show. They really need to do something because Cena is not the answer and he hasn't been for awhile now. They should put the belt on Ryback and see what happens there. Who knows, the WWE might actually create a new star if they did that. Isn't that what they're supposed to do anyways?