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Kreator - Endless Pain - October, 1985

The last (and in my opinion, the best) of the big German thrash bands to make their debut, Kreator's sound on Endless Pain is decidedly aggressive and raw. In the early days, Kreator went with two vocalists, Mille and Ventor alternate singing on each song here, with mixed results. Mille's vocals are downright evil, featuring an inhuman rasp that we haven't heard before at this point. Ventor's vocals are deeper and more traditional sounding. As a result, the songs with Mille singing sound heavier, and he seems to sing on the more aggressive tracks anyway, where Ventor sings over the more traditional sounding tunes. At any rate, the album is fairly solid but pretty simplistic when you consider what the band would do later.

Standouts: Flag of Hate, Total Death, Tormentor

Score: 7.5/10
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