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Originally Posted by TheWildAndTheYoung View Post
Just because you haven't heard the songs on the radio doesn't make them any less popular.Like today, they are plenty of popular songs on the radio that I have never heard.And just because YOU don't like the band doesn't make their live show any less energetic and awesome.Unless you have seen FireHouse live, you really have no right to say that King's X's live show is better.I have seen neither of the bands live but I like both of them, so neither do I have the right to say which one is better.
not to get involved, I think you're missing a big part of his point. I think the most important part of his argument was that it was silly of the thread creator to say that a band he didn't watch had the worst set of the night. Logic would dictate if he didn't watch them, he really didn't know.
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