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Originally Posted by TheWildAndTheYoung View Post
Saying FireHouse was a one-hit wonder of the 80's is one the most factually inaccurate statements I have ever heard.First off, FireHouse 80's? FireHouse got big in the 90's.One-hit wonder? NOT! "Don't Treat Me Bad", "Love Of A Lifetime", "When I Look Into Your Eyes", and "I Live My Life For You" all were top 30 hits ("I Live My Life For You" was actually a hit in 1995, long after hair metal was considered "Dead").
Well, my bad. 80's or 90's, they were definitely a nameless, faceless forgettable band. And I actually only know 2 of those songs you listed. I remember seeing the awful videos on MTV. Never heard them on the radio, except for Love Of A Lifetime. As I said, to each his own. Some like Firehouse and some like King's X. But skipping a band and then saying they were the worst band of the day, well, that's just silly.
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