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Originally Posted by Dogman View Post
"King's X came on a little after Loudness finished, and we had absolutely zero interest in seeing/hearing them. So we roved a bit and got some food. I can't say much about them except that it was forgettable and non offensive."

So, the only band worth seeing at this shitfest was the "Worst Set Of The Day" even though you didn't watch them? And Firehouse, a completely irrelevant band and one hit wonder of 80's hair bands was the "Best Of The Day"? Also, I've never heard a single person refer to King's X as "forgettable". That's a new one. But, well, to each his own, I suppose.
Saying FireHouse was a one-hit wonder of the 80's is one the most factually inaccurate statements I have ever heard.First off, FireHouse 80's? FireHouse got big in the 90's.One-hit wonder? NOT! "Don't Treat Me Bad", "Love Of A Lifetime", "When I Look Into Your Eyes", and "I Live My Life For You" all were top 30 hits ("I Live My Life For You" was actually a hit in 1995, long after hair metal was considered "Dead").

Anyway, some good sets here definitely.That opening Trixter song might be something along the lines of "Bad Girl" or "On The Road Again".It looks like my favorite Vixen song is still being played, which is "Streets In Paradise".Great White should have switched "Mista Bone" with "Lady Red Light", and I personally think "The Angel Song" is much superior to "Save Your Love".Loudness of course still doesn't have my favorite in their set "Soldier Of Fortune".Steel Panther is good but needs "If You Really, Really Love Me".Twisted Sister finally put "You Can't Stop Rock N' Roll" as the opener after many people suggesting it for a long time now, which is of course awesome, but "Under The Blade" is definitely a must for their set IMO.I wonder why Bret chooses to play by himself instead of Poison, because I'd much rather see Poison.
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