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Raw was really weak tonight...there's just nothing exciting going on. I'm not ordering Extreme Rules, it's not worth the $...I mean, $44.99 for a non-premiere event, are they nuts?! I'd be out $550 a year if I ordered every PPV, pfff.

There's no blast area in a 3 hour radius of me either, so I'll wait for the YouTube boots.

Anyway, back to Raw. So many useless skits and replays I can't count them all. I already know what happened earlier tonight, I don't need to get a recap 30 minutes after it happened. Divas matches are useless filler, Zack Ryder always loses (sadly), Cena doesn't wrestle, he just opens as the host. Del Rio/Swagger is just dullsville, so they threw Ziggler in which is ok I guess. Titles mean nothing as Barrett is always a jobber basically, and so is Kingston (teaming with Uso's vs. The Shield?!). Could care less about Lesnar vs. H. Next week is a dance contest between Fandango and Jericho, whoop-dee-doo.

This needs to improve, stat.