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I love III's country albums. All of them are great IMO, even the first two that he tries to distance himself from.

I respect how hard he works and the effort he puts into the metal/other stuff, but I gotta be honest, his non-country stuff fucking blows. To each their own, I guess, but I've tried and tried to get into Assjack and can't do it. The Hellbilly stuff I could take or leave and I have no idea what the hell was going on with Cattle Callin'. The doom record had one decent song.

I usually bring fans of mainstream country music to III's shows to give them a taste of something that isn't generic and pre-packaged. They always come away impressed. When III's country set wraps up, I say "Ok, let's head out." Usually my friends will want to stay and check out the Assjack set because they want to see "why I'm so into heavy metal."

I tell them I am very into heavy metal, and if they want to see why, they should accompany me to a Cannibal Corpse or Gojira show, not whatever the hell Assjack is. Assjack comes out, it's terrible, and my friends laugh at me even more "liking that crap."

Yeah, my friends are stupid and annoying. But so is III's non-country stuff.

Much respect to III for doing it his way and ignoring what people like me have to say, but goddam, the truth is the truth.
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