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Hank III to release two new albums soon.

:: May 03, 2013 :::
The master tapes for the two upcoming releases have been sent to the distribution company, Megaforce Records.

A "Country" release, will be entitled, "Brothers Of The 4x4". The second, is what Hank describes as a Hellbilly/Punk styled release will be named, "A Fiendish Threat". As it stands now, "Brothers Of The 4X4" will contain 16 tracks, and "A Fiendish Threat" will hold 13 tracks. No release date, or tour dates supporting the two releases have been set.
I'm so stoked that we FINALLY get a Hellbilly album!!! I can't wait to hear it and see him again. It will be good to get some more Hellbilly set on his tour.
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