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Originally Posted by fonzbear2000 View Post
I don't completely understand why they're doing it this way either. Now, it has been stated at The Breakdown Room that they're already starting to write more material so it could be possible that they're going to release another album within the next year and that would make up for this release being so short. Regardless of length, I'm just glad to be getting an album that is written by the entire band and if it ends up living up to all the hype and is really amazing, I won't be complaining at all about the length.
I'd rather have one kickass record that's short than a mediocre record with a bunch of filler. Now a short record that's all filler, that's a problem. I'm so old I remember when 40 minutes was the maximum you could fit on vinyl, so I'm cool with 35 minute records. All the old Maiden albums are pretty short too you know.
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