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As long as we're sharing Slayer stories...

My first (and only) time seeing the complete Slayer was at my second concert ever (Mayhem Fest 2009) at the age of 13. I was going to go see Marilyn Manson with one of my sisters (she didn't live with me - long story), but she got grounded, so my mom took me since she wanted to see what kind of music I was into. Long story short, Slayer annihilated and changed my life, Manson sucked and I felt ripped off, and on the drive home, my mom told me that she thought Manson was a complete joke and that she felt more concerned about Slayer than anyone else in hindsight. I still remember exactly what she said after almost four years:

"You can go to these by yourself from now on. I don't want to be involved."

RIP Jeff. Thanks for helping change so many lives.
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